22 jan ’23 Workshop Cacao spiritconnection Nidra & Kundalini

Workshop zondag 22 januari 2023 10.00-13.00u 

Sarabraj heeft haar eigen tekst en toelichting gegeven op het moois zij meebrengt voor jou. In combinatie met het samen cacao drinken en Aerial Yoga Nidra voorafgaand. Als je de cacao toelaat zal het je zeker veel brengen. Een pure hartopener, waardoor men in staat is te verbinden met de liefdevolle energie in je lichaam. 

Aanmelden(=deelnemen) via MomoYoga YogaValley Cacao spiritconnection Nidra & Kundalini Investering in jezelf €45,- inclusief thee en iets lekkers

About Sarabraj

An author, Certified Kundalini yoga teacher and Heart & Soul practitioner from Slovenia

Her visit gives you an unique opportunity to participate in the intentionally renown deep energy work called  »SPIRIT CONNECTION WITH SARABRAJ« – exquisite mindful travel into your deepest core of Light.

Are you ready to reconnect with your Higher Self/Spirit? The strongest, loving, wise, graceful, flowing and light part of you? Thank join us on this journey towards the authentic Self. To recall back you deepest powers; To remember how it is to be whole again; To unleash the infinite potential of your creativity; To connect daily with the most sovereign part within; To feel light, free from your past and non-reactive to the world around you; To connect with an innate intelligence that knows how to harmonize your emotions, spreads your awareness, keeps you in a position of choice; To learn some amazing techniques to keep you daily connected to the Spirit/Higher Self; To feel aliveness streaming over your whole body.

During the workshop we will cover:

•             Releasing the body from stress

•             Leading the mind into a peaceful position

•             Harmonizing emotions

•             Spreading awareness

•             Introducing the power of breathing in our daily life

•             Calming our brain activity with powerful meditations.

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